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Thursday, 2 June 2016



I (again) haven't posted in literally forever, but I guess I was just feeling very unmotivated to write and was out of decently-interesting ideas. However, I was tagged by the lovely eternalleigh.blogspot.com to do the Liebster award! I really like the idea of this tag, so thank you so much for tagging me and finally giving me the inspiration to write something X.


Honestly, I love cities, so basically any capital of a country would do! However, if I had to list an ideal  holiday destination for myself, I'd have to say Los Angeles. It's simply the perfect mix of city and beaches, which I personally think I'd really enjoy. Not gonna lie, I love the idea of being around so many celebrities as well, haha! Also, I absolutely adore Paris and London.

2. Would you rather go on a relaxing holiday or an adventure holiday?

Definitely on an adventure holiday! Personally, I really hate the idea of just lying around in the sun all day and not doing anything. It makes me feel very unproductive and I'd rather spend that time out and about. 

3. Is there a celebrity or anyone who inspires you?

Personally, I am inspired by many of my favourite YouTube/Social media celebrities, especially by Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, Hunter Rowland, Tana Mongeau, Weston Koury and The Gabbie Show. I'm also a big fan (love them or hate them!) of Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj. 

4. What's your favourite lipstick shade?
I feel extermely basic and unoriginal for saying this, but my favourite lipstick shade is Velvet Teddy by Mac!  Overall, I just really like darker-toned beige lipsticks, preferably matte. 

5. What's your ideal meal?

Sushi! Not much to say about it; I'm just completely addicted  with Sushi! I also love Mac and Cheese. Yep, I'm (again) very basic and unoriginal when it comes to food! 

6. Have you got any interesting talents?

I've never really had/discovered  a certain 'talent' of my own, so I'm not particularly sure how to answer this question. Umm... does being overly talkative and able to ramble on for hours and hours on end about random stuff count? Just kidding:) 

7. What's your favourite scent?

Perfume-wise, I'm slightly obsessed with the Victoria's Secret body sprays. My favourites are 'Pure Seduction' and 'Mango Temptation'.  Literal scent-wise, I happen to really like the smell of new books, haha. 

8. What did you want to be when you were younger?

When I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a Vet, but as a got slightly older I changed my mind. Currently I really want to become either an editor-in-chief of a high magazine, a film director, or even a personal assistant to a celebrity, when I 'grow up'. However, I literally change my mind about this every week, so I'm not 100 percent sure these aspirations will last a long time!

9. Have you got any plans for the summer?

Actually, yes I do! I'm finally going on holiday for 4 days to my dream destination, Los Angeles, as well as for 3 days to New York. I'm extremely excited, as I've wanted to visit both of these cities for years! It will also be the first time I have ever visited  the USA/ left the continent of Europe, which is rather interesting, haha. I also plan to hopefully start broadcasting on YouNow and (maybe) even attempt starting a YouTube channel. 

10. What's your favourite part about blogging?
I've only ever posted a few blog posts, so I don't exactly have a lot of 'blogging experience' but I guess I'd say receiving all the lovely comments and being able to talk about my interests and experiences on the internet! I think blogging is a great creative outlet and I really wish I was more consistent with it.

I tag YOU reading this to attempt doing this tag ( unless you don't want to of course!) and answer these questions also!